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• Provide the student with a broad understanding of the physical principles of the universe, to help them develop critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills, to empower them to think creatively and critically about scientific problems and experiments.
• Provide training for students planning careers in physics and in the physical sciences broadly defined, including those whose interests lie in research, college teaching, industrial jobs, or other sectors of our society.
• Train the student on the method of scientific research and enable him to contribute to it under the supervision of capable researchers.
• QualifyStudents toparticipate effectively inthe Scientific and technical aspects of development and planning programs.




 Bachelor of Physics.
Bachelor degree in Nanoscience Physics



At the end of the program, students will be prepared for the following professions and occupations:

1.Demonstrator or Lecturer in University.
2.Technician in Labs.
3.Teacher in Schools.
4. Research Assistant in research centers.
5. Medical Physicist in Hospitals.




Head of Chemistry Department (Boys section):

Prof. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Wajee'a

Head of Chemistry Department (Girls section):

Dr.Haifa Saleh Al-qnnas







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