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The department of mathematics has been established in the academic year (1431 – 1432 H) and is one of the most important pillars of the Faculty of Science. Mathematics is considered as one of the most important ancient and contemporary science which has contributed and continues to contribute effectively in the technical development that we are witnessing today. The department includes a number of high qualified members in different areas of research (algebra - applied mathematics - numerical analysis - real analysis - complex analysis - functional analysis - statistical mathematics) who are seeking to develop the department to achieve the desired goals.



1-     To establish a sustainable research environment in mathematical sciences and its applications to attract outstanding mathematicians from all over the world.

2-     Developing the educational programs to prepare qualified experts to meet the needs of the labor market.

3-     Establishing and developing community partnerships through researches that serve the needs of society.


Fields of works:

The outstanding knowledge obtained by the students of this major qualifies them to work in a wide range of fields:

1-Researcher: The task of this job is to carry out research and studies in the field of planning by taking advantage of available information and statistics and analyzing it and using the mathematical models he has already studied.

2-Research Centers and Information Technology (Data Analyst): The task of this job is to collect information, prepare data and statistical numbers then analyzing it and finding results and generalize it.

3-Economic Researcher (in Banks): The task of this job is to prepare studies and researches in the field of economy by using mathematical models.

4-Computing and Computer Science (Computer Methods Analyst): Analysis and examination of results and the subsequent selection of appropriate systems.

5-Research Centers and Information Technology (Database administrator): Graduates of the department can perform insurance work, accounting, banking and accounting auditing.

6-Universities and colleges (Lecturers and Administrators).

7-General education section (Teachers).

8-Meteorological centers. 


Head of the Mathematics Department
Dr.. Amer bin Hassan Al-Barqi
Mathematics Department Supervisor
Dr.. Wafa Mohammed Al-Shammakh








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