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  The Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science in the University of Jeddah  was established in the academic year (1431-1432 H /2010/2011); it provides its services to many departments and  faculties in the university .The  department includes a number of faculty members , teaching assistants , lecturers and technicians.  The department contains a number of laboratories equipped with the latest equipment to serve students and researchers






• Preparing national and provisionally qualified Graduates for the service of the community and government plans and programs of development, education and industry within the                  Kingdom.  

• Conducting academic and industrial scientific research necessary for improving of the quality of live for the people of the Kingdom and the region. Train students on the state of the art technologies in chemical processes
• Contributing to the improvement of the public at the scientific cultural awareness via the academic conferences and workshops.
• Providing the technical services in field of chemistry to both public and private sectors.
 Encouraging the attempts of translation to Arabic scientific publications 




Bachelor of Science Program.
Bachelor's program in industrial chemistry.
Master of Science Program in Chemistry.
Master Program in Industrial Chemistry (Courses and Thesis).
Professional Master's Program in Industrial Chemistry (Research Courses and Project).



At the end of the program, students will be prepared for the following professions and occupations:

1. Laboratories of health, agriculture, mineralization and hospitals.

2. Drug and petroleum refinery factories.

3. Food, oil, soap and cleaners factories.

4. Specifications and standards organization and quality laboratories.

5. Water desalination stations, metallurgy, environment protection department.

6. Teaching in different academic classes.


Head of Chemistry Department (Boys section):

Prof. Abdullah Saad Al- Bogami

Head of Chemistry Department (Girls section):

Prof. Khairiyah Mohammed Alahmari








مجالات العمل الأنشطة والتوجهات المستقبلية المناهج الدراسية اعضاء هيئة التدريس الخطة الدراسية الأنشطة الخطة الدراسية مجالات العمل  الأنشطةوالتوجهات المستقبلية الخطة الدراسية الأنشطة والتوجهات المستقبلية مجالات العمل المناهج الدراسية اعضاء هيئة التدريس

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